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GYM & LEARN CAMP - for Virtual learning

Stoughton Gymnastics is offering “GYM and LEARN” Camps, to assist parents who 

need toreturn to work while kids are home learning virtually. 


The day will be spent in the following manner:

Gym space: PE structured class & Free choice – all socially distanced by use of stations

Parent room: arts/crafts/screen time/movies

Virtual learning- a quiet space will be set up for kids, with them having their own space

Outdoor- walks and to the park

Kids will be put into “pods” with 4-6 kids in each pod. The main gym is 4,000 SF and will have 8-12 children in the gym at a time. There will be structured activities as well as free choice- keeping social distancing. The parent room is 700 SF and will contain another group of 4-6 kids. This area will be used for arts and crafts, movies, and screen time. The connected apartment has another 1000 SF and 5 separate rooms. This area will be the quiet zone for virtual learning and reading.

Q: When is Gym and Learn Camp offered?

A: Camp days are currently offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting 9/1. Camp hours are 8 am – 3:30 pm, with possible extended care to 4:30 pm. Children will carry out their day as scheduled by their school/teacher with assistance from a Stoughton Gymnastics staff member to ensure completion of classwork and zoom meetings. There will be plenty of indoor and outdoor activities and games to keep them moving- with social distancing maintained.

Q: What are the sign up options?

A: You may sign up for Tuesdays or Thursdays or both. If you sign up for Tuesdays, you are signing up for all Tuesdays in the month. Your enrollment in that particular day will continue into the next month, unless you tell us you would like to withdraw. Notice must be given by the 20th of the month prior. Space is limited and we anticipate children on a waitlist.
If demand is excessive, we may add Mondays as an option.
To ENROLL: click “ENROLL” in the parent portal. The Gym and Learn camps are posted in the class search option and will populate automatically if your child is between ages 5 – 11.

Q: Will my child have to wear a mask?

A: That depends…. We will follow local and state government regulations and follow CDC guidelines. In the virtual learning space , each child will have their own room (we will leave the doors open for supervision) and will not be required to wear a mask- unless a staff member is directly working with them.  Whenever we can not maintian at least 8 feet of space, masks will be worn (excluding outdoor time). 

Q: Who is running camp?

A: Jessica, the owner, will be at camp daily. She is a UW Madison graduate and has 15 years of experience in classrooms and running group homes, in addition to her 20 years coaching. Other adult staff members will be Kaitlyn and Melanie. Our high school staff members are here to help with the virtual learning too! They are a talented group of honor roll students and will be especially important in the virtual learning process.

Q: Are there any refunds for illness, injury, missed days, etc?

A: No
• If the government shuts us down or there is an “act of god” that makes us cancel camps, we will give you a refund for those missed days.

Q: Do you need a Stoughton Gymnastics membership to attend?

A: You do not need to be a current student to attend. An annual registration fee of $20 is charged if you have not paid that fee within the 12 months prior.

Q: Will Stoughton Gymnastics provide any food?

A: We will not provide any food or water. Students should have a water bottle (or 2 filled) with water.

Q: Will students be sharing any schooling material?

A: No, students will be required to bring their own materials needed for the day.
For arts and craft projects, Stoughton Gymnastics will provide the kids with their own set of supplies.

Q: What is Stoughton Gymnastics license info?

A: Our insurance company covers our liability and medical coverage for camps. Our staff members have undergone criminal background checks. Through United States Gymnastics Association, additional coursework has been completed on bloodborne pathogens, basic first aid, etc. We do not have a daycare license.

Q: What is being done by Stoughton Gymnastics regarding cleaning and disinfecting?

A: We are keeping kids in “pods” to reduce the possible spread. We are disinfecting areas of use between each “pod” of students in the specific areas. Children in the gym will hand sanitize between rotations of equipment- about every 15 minutes. Before moving to a different area in the gym, we will hand sanitize too. Our full cleaning schedule can be found on our website in the tab: Covid/Safety.

Q: Will Stoughton Gymnastics screen for Covid?

A: Temp checks will be taken upon arrival. Covid screenings will continue to be in place, with the onus of additional screening remaining on the individual families/individuals. These are outlined in the parent agreements.

Q: What if a student/staff member tests positive for Covid?

A: Stoughton Gymnastics addresses Covid positive students/staff members as a case by case situation in accordance with the Wisconsin Dept of Health & Dane Co Health. If a staff member or student test positive, they will be required to isolate from SG for the recommended 14 days. Depending on potential exposure, SG will notify the respective student-families in close contact with a Covid positive member. As a result, a staff member or participant of SG may be required to isolate from SG accordingly.