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Stoughton Gymnastics Health Handbook, updated 8/2021

Policies and Procedures for Return to Practice After Covid-19


Purpose of this Document

The health and safety of our students will always come first. As we return to class after the disruption due to the Covid-19 outbreak, every decision, policy and procedure is made in the best interest of our students’ safety and health.

This document is as Fluid as the Situation

Our plan and procedures for how we address all these things must be adaptable, purposeful, based in science and beffective. We cannot be afraid to constantly evaluate our policies and procedures, seek our new & sound information, and adjust our responses accordingly. Stoughton Gymnastics will alter all this handbook as needed to fulfill these goals.

Everyone must be their own Advocate

In navigating as best we can, each of us has had to find a unique plan for the unique circumstances of your family and environment. While we as a team will continue doing everything we can to meet and exceed state and federal guidelines, while also minimizing interruption of “normal life” as much as possible, we understand that certain solutions or policies will not be the most appropriate for each family. While we will try our best to create the best environment for everyone, we respect families who must make the difficult decision to delay their return for now until the global situation, or a certain Stoughton Gymnastics policy, is changed.

Mandatory Adherence to the Handbook

Given all the above, and in the interest of protecting the health and safety of the children entrusted to our care, Stoughton Gymnastics will be enforcing all policies and procedures listed within this document during our return to class post Covid-19. If a family, employee is unwillingto abide by these policies and procedures, they will not be allowed to attend Stoughton Gymnastics until either Stoughton Gymnastics Response Level or their cooperation have changed.

Our Collective Responsibility

We are all responsible for the Health and Safety of Each Other.

Due to the nature of how viruses spread, for all of us to be as healthy as possible, all of us must do

our part to support a healthy and safe Stoughton Gymnastics and safe homes for our family and friends.

Parents: Responsible for making sure your family is following good hygiene and habits, following all policies, and helping our staff with your patience, support, and dutifulness as we return.

How we limit the spread

Proactive Prevention of Exposure: Staff – Family - Student – Class – Facility policies

The first step to limit spread is in preventing those with confirmed (or a high probability of having been in contact with) Covid from entering the facility. If anyone in the student's home is showing symptoms, child cannot attend for 14 days.

Class Policies:  Students are in groups of typically 4-6 students with the equipment spaced apart as space allows. Please sanitize your hands upon entry.

Student Policies:   Students will bring their own water and waterbottles- our bubbler is turned off.  Students will hand sanitize upon entry. If your child is ill, keep them home. We will provide an open gym pass if you miss class.

Additional Cleaning Information

Bars and Rings: Bars and Rings will be cleaned using Truce Chalk cleaner.

They will then be disinfected with a 10% bleach solution misted on the bars.

Beams and Vault: These are suede surfaces, we will brush off the surface to get rid of chalk, dirt, dust. We will then use warm water and Dawn detergent and use a nylon brush to “scrub” the beams. These may be slippery when wet, so this will be done at the conclusion of the night as a complete air dry is needed. They will then be sprayed with Lysol disinfectant.

Carpet bonded floor: Floors will be vacuumed nightly to remove as much debris as possible. We will fog the floor with a disinfectant (OdoBan) each night. We will steam clean the carpet on a regular basis. Children must have clean feet to be on the floor.

Vinyl mats: These include all matting under the high beams, bars, end of the trampoline and smaller panel mats. These mats will be cleaned and disinfected each night.