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Jessica K. ~ Coach & Owner

* 30 years coaching; 24 years in Stoughton

* Former Division 1 All - Around Competitive Gymnast

* 10 years Coaching D1 Gymnastics

* On Site each night, coaching a variety of classes

* Team Xcel Coach

Shannon S. ~Office Manager & Coach

* Stoughton Gymnastics' "Do it all Gal!"

* Enrollment & Registration Manager

* Rec and Team Coach

* Team Coordinator

* Mom to 5... Including Corley, Xcel Gold Gymnast

Kaitlyn W.

* Former Competitive All-Around Gymnast

* Xcel Team Coach

* Joined Stoughton Gymnastics in February 2019 after relocating to town!  We are so excited!!!

* Former Gymnastics Coach in S.Dakota & our uneven bar specialist

* Active volunteer with Juvenile Diabetes programs

Mariah C

 * Former Xcel Competitive Gymnast

* Coaches our Little Flippers students and gymnastics students

* Started gymnastics at age 3

* High School Student at SHS

Noelle G

* 10 years Dance experience

* Coaches Little Flippers, Gymnastics, and also Dance @ Dance Dimensions

* Competitive Dancer

* High School student at SHS