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Stoughton Gymnastics offers classes for children ages 2 & older with various programming. Beginner to Advanced classes are offered, along with 3 different team options.

Pre-School, ages 2 - 4's

Developmentally, 2 year​ olds and children nearly 5 are much different. 

 That's why we offer several different types of classes, grouped by age, to make learning safe and fun.

We also keep classes sizes small, with 4-5 students per class.

Tumbling Tots, ages 2 - 3.25

This class is a great starting point for any child who wishes to roll, jump, bounce and swing. We develop fun themed lesson plans that will excite your child in learning basic tumbling skills. Students will gain body awareness and coordination with the use of various trampolines, walking on the beams, and swinging on the bars. Parent involvement may be required if your child feels more comfortable with you there. This class is taught in our fun-themed Circus Room!

Little Flippers Preschool, ages 3's & 4's.

Little Flippers Tumbling class will keep kids moving, in a fun safe manner. Class participants will work on beginner tumbling skills- suchs as jump and rolls. Cartwheels and Handstands will begin to be taught, throught various progressions. Various mats and equipment will be used to keep the kids engaged & obstacle stations will be utilized. Participants will use the long trampoline to work on body control and learning various jumps. This class is taught in our Circus Room.

Mini Ninjas Pre-School, ages 3.75 - 4's

Mini -Ninja students will keep moving throughout this class by jumping, climbing, traversing and swinging. Thoughout this class, we will work on balance, coordination and strength by using full-size gymnastics equipment, trampolines, rock wall, rope & circuit stations. This class is taught in the Main Gym.

Mini Gymnastics, ages 3.75 - 4's

This is a 35 minute gymnastics class offered to students who are ready to leave the preschool room and receive more focused skill training. It is NOT required that your 4 year old has completed a preschool program, but it is geared for 4 year olds who are ready for a more challenging class & and can listen/follow directions for 35 minutes. (* 4 year olds may also join a 45 min, 4-5 year old Gymnastics class). Students will use regulation gymnastics equipment and receiveinstruction on all gymnastics events: Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, and Vault. Gymnast will also use various trampolines for skill development and fun too!

Gymnastics, Ages 4 - 18

Classes for beginner, intermediate, advanced students and Competitive Team.  NO prior experience required.

All students will use Regulation Competition Gymnastics equipment. We will teach cartwheels, handstands, bridges and other fundamental floor work. We will also introduce student to events such as uneven bars and the balance beam. The Intermediate and Advanced Gymnastics student will be challenged to progress to the next level. We will teach your child more difficult fundamental skills independently with light help of spotting equipment. In addition, we will focus on building your child's strength and flexibility. Students will have the opportunity to join the Rec Team. As a member of USA Gymnastics & AAU Gymnastics, we offer 2 XCEL Competition teams and currently compete Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. 

Ninja Warrior, Ages 5 +

This is a fast moving class, that focus on floor gymnastics, "flipping drills", trampoline, and an circuits focusing on balance, strenght, and coordination. The floor gymnastics portion will focus on fundamental skills, that will progress towards handsprings and saltos (no handed flips). The circuit training each week will keep kids moving- working on balance & strength in FUN activities. Circuits to include: rock wall, trampolines, obstacle courses, slack line, tight rope, rope climbing, and MORE.

Check out our Mini-Ninja Preschool classes for kids ages 3.5 - 4's!